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: 94-98 Engine

  1. Charts showing fuel plate numbers and claimed hp increases for your year truck.
  2. All your vacuum pump questions answered
  3. How a P-pump and governor works in detail
  4. Video showing how a mechanical diesel fuel injector works.
  5. A guide to diagnosing cruise control problems on 96-97 Trucks
  6. P-pump Throttle Return Spring Replacement / Mod
  7. Dodge Ram. org
  8. Completely Rebuilding Your Starter
  9. Grid Heaters or Glow Plugs?
  10. Ideas to consider when soundproofing your truck.
  11. Fuel Shut off Solenoid (FSS)
  12. Starting an Engine That Ran Out of Fuel
  13. P7100 Injection Pump Operation - youtube
  14. Second Generation Idle Adjust
  15. Keep this in mind when buying a turbo.
  16. Low or Fluctuating Coolant Temperature
  17. Injector Breakdown
  18. Fuel Heater delete Video
  19. Drop Valve Method to Find TDC
  20. EGR Deletion
  21. P- Pump Diagram
  22. Fuel shutdown solenoid test
  23. Installing a P7100 Pump
  24. Photos of solenoid mod/cable conversion
  25. Grid heater relay replacement
  26. Head Removal
  27. Injector Install with Pics!
  28. Fuel Lift Pump 95 Dodge 12v 5 spd:
  29. How to fix your fuel shut off solenoid
  30. Delivery Valve Holder Breakdown
  31. Lots of frequently asked questions.
  32. Timing in 40 minutes (12 valve, 2nd gen engine)
  33. Overflow Valve
  34. Vacuum/Power Steering Pump Seal Replacement
  35. No Start Shutdown Solenoid Won't Lift
  36. Checking Blowby
  37. What is a KDP?
  38. KDP damaged case repair instructions
  39. Holset HX35 Rebuild with Pics!
  40. How to check fuel pressure on a 12 valve
  41. How to check and reset your timing back to stock
  42. KDP Repair home video
  43. Joe G's fuel system writeup
  44. Vulcan Draw Straw Installation
  45. 1994-1996 PCM Fault Codes - NC
  46. Fuel Shut Down Solenoid - L

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