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  1. New (Used) cummins purchase ???
  2. 4BT swap
  3. Looking to purchase '06 2500, Help would be greatly appreciated....
  4. Newbie, top of gear or bottom of gear...which is better for fuel milage
  5. How does Dodge stack up against Ford/GM in your area?
  6. What AFE filter do I have?
  7. Truck bed swimming pool question...
  8. Help choosing a truck
  9. 8.3 - 300 Cummins; Where Is My Tach Sender?
  10. Well I picked one up
  11. Volvo Turbo Attachment ID.
  12. 10001 lbs up, 1 ton dully Mud flaps a fed requirement?
  13. Searching for Long Bed
  14. 2006 cummins ac
  15. Put truck in shop for one thing.... $2K later
  16. ANyone close to Carlisle PA to check a truck
  17. TIV II Powered by Cummins
  18. Stock 12v worth $9k?
  19. Maybe a cummins
  20. what to make of this..
  21. power steering issue
  22. College Decisions
  23. Gas and Diesel tech official wanted
  24. Smoke rings
  25. Wife wreck the truck.
  26. Wiring harness
  27. Just found this gem on youtube.....
  28. Bed liner
  29. Additional tie down spots?
  30. Need Blow off or Pop off Valve info
  31. 2013 xdp dieselpower challenge
  32. Synthetic Oil options for Canadians
  33. need help
  34. part No. 3960461S head for fleetguard fs19513
  35. Chunks of bearing from my D60 pic
  36. Senior pic's with my truck!
  37. Test drove a new duramax
  38. Diesel Drags at DMP in Douglas
  39. crack near fuel filter drain?
  40. 2013 International Terrastar 5th selection
  41. Hard to Start--Then Fuel in Oil Pan; Has This Happened to You?
  42. Off Road Lights
  43. 5.9 losing coolant.
  44. 5.9 cummins rebuild
  45. Remote filter base
  46. help with oil analysis
  47. CB Parts List?
  48. Up fitter buttons help please
  49. dont gorecon
  50. Gasser VS. Diesel then auto VS. Manual Transmission
  51. what to get ?
  52. Boys round here music video
  53. 2,000,000th Cummins rolls down the line!
  54. Should I buy this first gen
  55. P-pumps galore!!!
  56. what version 6bt (5.9) is this?
  57. Turbo Cover Question
  58. Fuel Gauges
  59. Taking it a little overboard...
  60. HX35/HX40 turbo on a GM 6.5?
  61. Diesel Power Challenge 2013
  62. Block test question...
  63. When was the last time you saw this!
  64. Finally hit my goal in the TDI Jetta!
  65. Globe Lo-boy Trailer Problems
  66. Flood truck?? Should I buy it??
  67. Buying a 1st gen what to pay
  68. Test of the 2014 Ram 1500's diesel in the Grand Cherokee
  69. bdp c10
  70. So I bought a 5.9 24v off craigslist what should I do with it???
  71. Need dealer in Atlanta who knows CTDs
  72. I'll help. Gotta leak!
  73. Which truck should I keep?
  74. Finally got me another rig!
  75. Gooseneck vs bumper pull trailers
  76. Kennecott Utah copper
  77. Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Pickup Truck
  78. 1st gen vs 2nd gen
  79. Buying a New Truck (Process?)
  80. Does it bother you when....
  81. power steering issue?
  82. New Group
  83. AEM is K&N??
  84. what year is most reliable for work truck?
  85. Advice on a 1994 Cummins 3500 4x4
  86. Hemi 1500 or Cummins 2500?
  87. Rusted air dog filters took out new vp44
  88. Joshua Tree CA
  89. Fuel filtration
  90. Old school Cummins Powahh
  91. Looking for advise on truck and engine to get
  92. Holset HX 40 Turbo Seal??
  93. Trading questions : 7.3 powerstroke to 1st gen 12 valve cummins.
  94. This may be a stupid question?
  95. okay to use either of these battery maintainers on a dual battery cummins?
  96. EPA ruining diesels!?!?!?!
  97. 12v to 24v second gen
  98. Deleted diesel, moving from Alberta to BC?
  99. Navistar DTA 530E High Pressure Oil Pump
  100. Do you think a Disel will fit in a 1990 B350 Van?
  101. Firepunk Diesel Help needed
  102. Anyone from Texas drivin to Scheid Diesel Extravaganza this august?
  103. Tampa, FL emissions?
  104. Does anyone know??
  105. carfax check anyone?
  106. Shop time for 12V valve lash adjustment?
  107. Looking for a clean 2nd Gen
  108. Pricing on a 05 3500 loaded
  109. I get asked this alot now that I have a diesel.
  110. Block, crank and rods..
  111. Will I regret buying an 03 s.o. Truck?
  112. New stage 2 water meth cheap
  113. 01 turbo
  114. I want this truck!
  115. Huge thanks to Rhinopkc
  116. Maybe going to buy this...
  117. VPR bumpers
  118. In which order do you run your gauges?
  119. Get a Load of This Cummins
  120. BHAF pre filter and AC line alternatives
  121. How much $$$
  122. Swap questions
  123. ever had diesel backwash/pressure build up at a gas station
  124. Couple of Diesel truck questions
  125. Brake lights stayed on after locking and shutoff
  126. Becoming a Vendor?
  127. 1963-66 Chevy C-10 or C20
  128. People that say CUMMINGS!
  129. problem with bae turbo systems
  130. 2.8l jeep liberty part identification
  131. I didn't know cummin's made the Duratrash
  132. Lift laws
  133. Scrap the chevy or chummins?
  134. Drive-through Etiquette
  135. this is how bad it can be if you dont know what your doing.
  136. Should I get rid of my 7.3 and get THIS Cummins?!?!
  137. Soon to be on the market for another Cummins
  138. Good or bad deal on 01 24v
  139. Intercoolers
  140. Stopping power
  141. Garage Floor Coating
  142. Compounding turbos questin
  143. Marker lights & pics
  144. That's Odd...
  145. Home made tip?
  146. Diesel dyno pull
  147. Former Powerstroke guy need help?
  148. Had to share for a few laughs...
  149. Best way to move 12 valve
  150. ridgid industries
  151. 12 or 24?
  152. A real compression brake for our trucks! Anyone seen this yet?
  153. flex piping exhaust?
  154. Help me thinking of trading up to a newer 2013 Ram 2500 HD
  155. any detroit guys?
  156. MEN: I NEED help!
  157. Smokin People out! Why is this funny??
  158. neoprene seat covers?
  159. Anybody ever deal with these guys?
  160. washable air filter?
  161. Used Car Dealer Warning
  162. Which truck to get?
  163. Upgrading
  164. Diesel Mechanics in Albuquerque area
  165. SW PA Diesel Performance Shop
  166. Banks air filter cleanable ?
  167. What is this??
  168. looking to trade my 11 ram for a ford f550. good idea?
  169. It's not a Dodge, but it's got a Cummins!
  170. Repair shop turned up my programmer mad or no?
  171. "Best" diesel engine rpm ranges - (VERY long)
  172. Might be done with the exterior.
  173. dealers.
  174. Southern Wisconsin dyno day
  175. Why did you switch brands of trucks?
  176. What/when was your first experience driving a Cummins?
  177. This is starting to tick me off
  178. Cummins Shirt
  179. Any rear end gurus here?
  180. Fuel Filter Replacement
  181. Diesel performance/rebuild shops
  182. Interior lights need to stay on longer!
  183. super long 11mm socket?
  184. What type of box, tote, trunk are you using to store equipment for long journeys?
  185. About to buy my first diesel...just a couple quick questions (5.9 vs. 6.7)
  186. Indiana Accident Involving Teens in a DRW Cummins
  187. Ford 6.9L non-turbo...educate me
  188. New shop.wht else to add
  189. Mopar Computer Wallpaper
  190. Which rear window graphic please vote
  191. Centex Diesel Dyno Day
  192. Submit your Cummins Haiku!
  193. Diesel schools?
  194. Wastegate blew headgasket??
  195. WoW How poor are you?
  196. Help finding website
  197. Help me with a briefing
  198. Gun Safe
  199. HX40 on a ford. Need some help
  200. In Need of Traffic Lawyer or????
  201. Looking for a performance diesel shop near southern Vt.
  202. New here and have a few questions
  203. Operating cost of a diesel, Is it worth it for me?
  204. Montreal diesel
  205. Not a good day for this guy
  206. Look at this!
  207. Any information out there on old V8 cummins?
  208. New blood
  209. Cat Convertor Question on a 07 Cummings?
  210. Diesel Carnage!!! Want to see an engine explode?
  211. Jeep for Cummins
  212. Air dog
  213. back to stock lift!
  214. Anybody heading east out of WA?
  215. starting/stopping
  216. hatin my stack..sick of the soot
  217. L.E.D light bar
  218. whats it worth?
  219. I missed a video and photo op today!
  220. Sold my truck and bought a ford...
  221. I need some help finding a work truck.
  222. looking for my first diesel help!
  223. Need help with Detroit 60 series turbo p/n
  224. Pretty cool truck
  225. Is this trade amazing?????
  226. BRIGHT extra turn signal lights on front fenders
  227. Removing Silencer Ring
  228. After market mirror options?
  229. Diesel 1/2 Tons?
  230. Congrats to Firepunk Diesel & Matt K- Diesel Power cover!
  231. Stack for a tip vs. just a tip???
  232. Your not gonna believe this!!
  233. 6.0 powerstroke gurus lpop issue
  234. Diesel performance shops
  235. Starting problems 96 cummins 2500
  236. Links to Companys that have Free Catalogs
  237. Feedback Dual Quad Exhaust Look?
  238. SRW 3500 and 2500 Mileage Difference
  239. opinions
  240. 06 or08
  241. cummins drags chevy
  242. CAT 3208 NA with aftermarket turbo
  243. Cummins HELP❗
  244. My dip kit
  245. What happened to H&S Deletes?????
  246. Upgrading hopefully today.
  247. Does anyone know this truck?
  248. Newb with a BADASS Cummins!!!
  249. Some "Expert"...
  250. declining truck options Rant