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How to install injectors?

And what tools can i buy to make it easier to get to the 6th injector?

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Don't need any special tools, to do the sixth injector. It's a little tough to get to, but you'll be able to get it with a little try. I think that edge products has downloadable instructions somewhere on the web.

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Originally Posted by bigrattlerdiesel View Post
And what tools can i buy to make it easier to get to the 6th injector?

one tip tho for after you take off the fuel line clamps and after taking out the fuel lines going to each injector by loosening the nut, you need to move that fuel connector tube out about a half inch. this can be done by using something like a pocket knife...something just thin enough to catch the threads and pull on the tube until it sticks out about a half inch. you could get away with it just being a 1/4 inch but do 1/2 to be sure. for removing the injectors, remove the clamps holding them down. then to get the injectors out. i foud a bolt that threaded into the top of the injector and then used a pair of vice grips(some people use a pry bar) to grip the top of the bolt and pulled until it came out. it won't slip out. there'll be a little resistance to coming out and it should pop right out....and don't forget to make sure that the copper o rings came out with the injector...also dont forget to move those fuel connector tubes out about a half inch...that's all i can say right now gotta get back to classthumbsup

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pretty much like he said..just remenber to pop the fuel tubes out or you will wonder why the injectors doesnt come out. I used one of the short intake plenum bolts to get the injector out you can screw it into the top and then use something to pull on the bolt with. Also you dont have to loosen both bolts on the top of the injector just the front one. and dont over tighten them putting them back in it could pinch the injector nozzle.
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use one of the short bolts that bolts down the intake to screw into the injectors and a flat blade screw driver to pry up on the bolt head on the rocker arm and its out. also for number six. once you get it loose take a pair of pliers to back out the retaining nut. much faster and easier. also look up the 24v tech articles thread by ruckuz it has a link to the injector install with everything you'll need to know

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The first time I changed mine I used regular wrenches. The second time I used a crows foot on #6. I think the crows foot was more of a pain in the . It's tight back there but you can do it with the regular wrenches. A bent needle nose pliers worked well for popping out the injectors.

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The bolts holding on the valve cover fit perfectly in the top of the injector. And the 6th inj is not hard at all to deal with. Some people just make it sound that way.

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do you take off the intake manifold? and do you take the throttle position sensor off to take the injectors in and out?
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step 1-take off valve cover, intake horn, and tps

step 2- now that you have full access to the injector lines, take off the line holders and take off the lines, some find it easier to do the injectors in 3's but i usually do them all at once.

step 3- now the all the lines are out of the way, use a flathead screw driver and pry the crossover tubes out 1 at a time be careful not top strip the threads, if you loke lopey idles get the tubes drilled out.

step 4- clean your IAT "intake air sensor" located on the back of the plenum just ahead of the MAP sensor closer to the firewall, trust me you will thank me later it takes 10 mins and if you want your truck to run smooth and not stall with the new injectors its a MUST.

step 5- when i do injectors i do a full valve adjustment also, so now we are gonna take out the injector, take off the exhaust rocker "the bigger one" on each of the cylinders 1 at a time as you go, now with that out of the way there is a circular looking piece of metal between the rockers "your injector is under this", take out both bolts and get it out of the way.

step 6- yayy you can see the top of your injector right???? you should!!! but how are you gonna get it out hahaha, ILL TELL YOU, take one of your valve cover bolts and it will screw perfectly into your injector, now simply pull it out, if it doesnt come out make sure your connector tube is out.

step 7- if you are putting nozzles on, look at your injector there is a bolt on the tip, put in a vice and loosin it, now move injector to a open table and take bolt off completely the nozzle will come off along with a couple of other really small parts HENCE THE OPEN TABLE LOL!! put back together as they came out, i dont get them pop tested and its worked fine for me but you can do what you want with your injectors.

step 8- putting them in can take longer then taking them out, so please be patient, get a dab of vasaline and put it on the copper washer and then put it on the injector so it sticks "this is my easy way to get them in the 5th and 6th hole" lol other wise nits a pain in the a$$.

step 9- make sure you line the whole up on the injector with the connecting tube hole, put the injector in the hole put the injector cover on and torq it down "idk the specs like 75 inch pounds or something" now put the tube in you gonna want it to snap in place and it needs to be flush with the head just as it came out.

step 10- get everything put on and back together, make sure all the lines are tight as hell on the pump DO NOT SCREW THEM ALL THE WAY IN ON THE TOP YET WE HAVE TO BLEED THE LINES, ok get everything put on leave the intake horn off and now turn the motor over until shooting fuel out then screw them tight!!! you might have to do this a couple of times.

step 11- your truck should be running now, if it ever stalls on you randomly you didnt clean the IAT or you have to bleed lines #1 and #3 and it will fire right up.


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were is the intake air sensor
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I bought the injector tube puller from Snap-On. Its like 25 bucks and you dont
risk screwing up the threads. I also degreased the side of the head and all around
the injector lines and the lines themselves (every inch) or you will have crud in your everything.
Thoroughbred Diesel has a video thats pretty good, watch that a few times. One
thing I noticed is after the injectors are in and you install the tubes, they push into
the side of the injector and pop into place you cant miss it, but they still will move
a little springy in and out if you continue to fart around with them like I did. The
injector line nut will hold it tight in the end. Oh, a stubby 3/4" wrench and a 3/4"
crows foot for your injector lines where they screw into the pump come in handy.
I did it once with just the stubby but I can't remember what order I did the nuts.
It's a puzzle. Just get everything clean before you start, you'll see why.

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