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There is no free/cheap way to make a 24V smoke, please read...

Many times people post up this question. The fact of the matter is, there isn't any free or cheap way to make your 24v truck smoke. Some suggestions might be to unplug the MAP sensor. Or to try and cover part of the air filter. While these both could lead to smoke. Performance is severely affected and could lead to damage.

I won't be the first without sin to say I've never smoked. Yes, it is fun to see a diesel "roll coal" every now and then. I can totally understand how one would want to mimic the "pros". However the pros aren't "rolling coal" for show. I'll get into how to build power later on. The main issue at hand is educating all the new enthusiasts to the sport. Smoke is frowned upon by legislation. We're fighting a loosing battle with the EPA when it comes to diesel emissions. I ask you to consider that when you think about rolling the coal. If you want to do it, make sure to do it out of the public eye. Remember, that lady in the Lexus might be some bureaucrats wife or even one herself!

Now for the fun part. How does one get smoke? First you should drop that question completely. You should move your thoughts to "How does one make more power?". With more power comes smoke on it's own. I can assure you, later on, you'll get tired of the smoke and simply want to focus on power. How does a diesel make more power? A diesel makes more power by increasing the fueling and timing. Timing doesn't really cause more smoke. But fueling certainly does. When we talk about a "fueling box". We're talking about a box that taps the VP44 pump to cause a larger volume of fuel to be injected per cycle. The smarty programmer also can load a "fuel" tune on your factory ECM as well. This is done without a "box" or any wiring. However it's limited to ~65hp. ALL programmers or boxes that do not tap the pump are limited to ~65hp.

As the horsepower bug bites, you'll move into more advanced means of power adders. Electronics alone will not get you to high numbers. There are some mechanical components you'll want to look at down the road. Once you've maxed the electronic trickery for more fuel, you'll need to look at larger injectors/turbo(s)/injection pumps. It is a domino effect though. Don't expect to be able to install a fueling box and big injectors without having to also upgrade the turbo or other powertrain parts.

There are a number of devices for our trucks to help in your quest for more power. Just post up a thread with your goals in mind. Also do us a favor and fill out your sig with your truck details. You can click here to fill your sig out:

Again, Please think before you smoke in public.

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