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2015 Duramax VS 2014 Cummins

Hello guys. I had a chance to do a comparison of my 14 2500 CC SB auto Big Horn with almost every option VS a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 Crew LTZ Duramax. I do sell both Chevy and Ram Trucks for a living and I grew up a Chevy guy. But ever since 2009 I have started to see more value in the Ram trucks. when I bought mine I was comparing 14 to 14 and the Ram demolished the Chevy in my opinion! but anyway heres my take on the 2015 Vs the 14 Cummins.

Exterior- The Chevy looks much better than the last gen but it still has some things that erk me! The DEF tank hanging so low looks half assed and the squared off fender openings make the wheels and tires have a small appearance. but all in all its an improvement over the 2014. It just doesn't have the same finished look as the Ram IMO. I also didn't like that the wheel options remained the same.

Interior- The Chevy has great fit and finish on the inside. the dash and radio system just have a real quality look to them. One neat fact is they have no blank switches, if the truck doesn't have an option it has a different switch panel. The seats don't seem as comfortable but they are by no means bad. I prefer the Uconnect over Mylink but thats just me. Although that cab is much more comfortable that Chevys last Gen I still feel more constricted in it than I do in my Ram. Everything seems to be farther away in the Ram, I prefer that, some people might light a tighter fit but I am by no means a big big guy and I felt like I needed more space. It is very quiet though you can't hear it Idling like our Cummins, you cant hear the EB, and there is no turbo spool noise.

Chassis- The Chevy has a very tight feel in the chassis it takes some bumps better in the front than our Solid front axle but some are more rough. The back end is night and day. the Chevy hops over every stress crack on our lovely ohio roads where my truck seems to be much more planted to the ground. Overall I think the Ram has a smoother ride.

Performance- This was a shocker for me. The one thing I liked on the 2014 Duramax's is they seemed to haul ! They seemed more responsive than our Cummins. Well none of you will believe me but my truck feels more powerful and faster than a 15 Duramax. Keep in mind mine has 4500 miles on it and a AFE intake. Being broke in probably helps but I drove them back to back and I can confidently day my truck will pull on a 2015 no problem! I really want to drive one with 5K on it because its been my experience that Duramax's have always seemed faster.

Overall- I Think the Ram is THE truck to own currently. I just didn't enjoy the Duramax and I feel that I have a unbiased opinion on trucks as I have owned all of the big three in the past 4 years and so far The Ram is hands down my favorite truck on the market right now!

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Good job not coming on here and bashing either truck. The GM trucks are awesome but you pay more $ than a Ram/ Cummins. My only pickup truck experience with GM was a S-10. The paint peeled off to the primer on the hood and the auto tranny failed at 45,000 miles. That being said, my step dad has a GM Silverado with 360,000 miles and still going.

I wouldn't trade my Ram/Cummins for anything out there. It's the best truck I've ever owned. Besides the 2 recalls, it has been problem free for the nearly 3-years I've had the truck. The truck is still like brand new. Great fit and finish, and no squeaks or rattles.

The GM Duramax is a great truck, but so is the Ram. I saw a GM on the lot and it was more than $70,000. No way!

I'll stick with my outdated Ram/Cummins and the powerful and reliable Cummins engine. The 68RFE ain't that bad either.

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Nice report. I currently have an f150 ecoboost and. Just drove a 2015 duramax 200 miles the other day (my buddy works at a Chevy dealer and let me take it for the day).

I agree with you on most everything. I feel like the last 11 Duramax I drove felt faster. However I still think the 15 duramax feels stronger then the 14 Cummins.

Interior is much improved on the 15. However I feel like the ram is nicer still. I hate the def tank. Can't believe they didn't move that.

I like the 15 Duramax, however I'm still planning on ordering a 2014 Cummins.

Honestly there are only two things better on the gm. I feel the Allison is a lot more refined, smoother and feels better then the Aisin or 68 rfe. The other thing is the Chevy has more headroom. The ram is a little tighter for me at 6'3". But I still fit. I don't like the goofy headliner in the ram.

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I was able to drive a 2015 3500 GMC Duramax. Yes i agree the new interior on the GM is really nice, and feels upscale and more roomy now( GMC has nicer interior than the Chevy twin i looked at). The rear seating room is the same on the Ram and GM now(excluding the Mega) What i don't agree with is the power, the Duramax flat out hauls compared to my current Ram, and the ride is slightly better on the GM, you may have been testing the 2500 trucks?? I like the looks of the GMC as much as my Ram, both different but very nice. As far as interior noise, the new GM is slightly quieter inside, no wind noise whatsoever, Ram is also quiet, just not as quiet. The Allison tansmission was much better at shifting and smoothness than my current Aisin. I found the prices to be similar, you just have to be firm when haggling over price. For me i think the GMC is every much as good a truck as the Ram, but dealing with too many issues on my Ram i am pretty sure the i will be buying the GM this fall. I have been a Ram/Cummins owner for many years, the 2013 just gave me a sour outlook on the Ram dependability .

2015 Ram 3500 dually with Aisin, Longhorn and 4:10 gears.

2013 Ram 3500 POS traded.

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I can't get over the DEF tank. I was hoping that they would resolve that witht the body style change this year. Sadly disappointed....

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I haven't driven a 2015 3500 yet but I would imagine the GM truck would be smoother in the 3500 comparison. I've always felt that the DMax is faster. I would even say that it is for sure faster but this 2015 felt like a turd compared to mine! Again mine is broke in and the Dmax had 100 miles on it. But overall I just don't feel that the Chevy competes! Just my opinion! Thanks for reading guys
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Im sorry but i just cannot get over how ugly the body line is on the gm trucks. The front ends are an improvement but the rest of the outside is to me just hideous. Interior wise I agree that it is much much better than the last GM trucks but still feels a little cheap compared to the rams. Note I am comparing my Laramie Limited 3500 to the top of the line GMC 3500. I am very nit picky and I notice the gaps in the panels, I notice the fit around the nav screen isn't as nice, I just notice things most don't when they first look at a vehicle. I guess you could say Im spoiled. I don't think the seats are near as nice as the Rams nor are they as comfortable. Ride wise I didn't notice much if any difference between the two and the Ram has a solid front axle which I prefer. So to me thee is no question , the Ram is still the superior truck. Remember its my opinion.

2013 3500 srw Laramie limited 4x4 crew long bed black on black aisin 2" leveling kit, 5% window tint. Hornblasters train horns. Bone stock and staying that way

Previous rams 2000 2500 slt + qc lb 4x4 v-10, 03 qc lb 2500 4x4 hemi Laramie, 07 3500 qc lb 4x4 5.9 ctd Laramie. All have been black
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Originally Posted by 08 Black Cummins View Post
I can't get over the DEF tank. I was hoping that they would resolve that witht the body style change this year. Sadly disappointed....
Yeah, thats just waiting for a stob to go through it while driving through the pasture or something...

2014 RAM 3500 4x4 CC DRW Tradesman
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Thanks for your evaluation. I will be driving everything in 6-7 months and buying one shortly after that. I am really looking forward for the rear air assist to come out in the 3500 drw.
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One other thing I will add.

I drove a 2014 Ram 2500 and 2014 Ram 3500 the day after I drove the Duramax.

I would say the Ram 2500 rides a little nicer in the rear then the Chevy 2500. However I feel the Chevy rode better then Ram 3500. The Chevy front end might be a touch nicer then the Ram, but its real close.

There is a big difference between the 2500 and 3500 Rams.

One other thing I like about the Chevy 3500 is they don't have the TPMS system. I despise the TPMS.

14 2500 CCSB Laramie G56
SOLD: 11 F150 Ecoboost, 03 2500 HO 48RE w/Smarty + Goerend, 01 2500 HO NV5600 w/OFE, Juice + Mach 1.6s
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I drove a 2500 Gmc and thought it was nice....This might be a nit pick but what really bothered me on the inside was the flaps over the outlet and usb slots on the dash. They are just plain flat plastic with no markings. Looks really cheap! they should have embossed them with symbols or something. Not a bad truck overall but i love my 2014 Limited
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