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Have a good READ about this HORROR story

This was brought to my attention today at work. It is also posted in the ALBERTA CANADA chapter...WOW I thought my local stealership was a bunch of morons...check out this horror story I pasted the entire mishap due to the fact kijji keeps deleting it...

Well here's the story from start to finish about what's been going on between myself and Williams Chrysler here in Fort Mcmurray.

I am 28 years old, living, and working in Fort McMurray, Alberta for the past 9 years. I have been in the construction industry since graduation, and currently operate my interior finishing company, doing so for the past 4 years. In July of 2005, I negotiated a deal to trade in my 2004 ton Dodge Ram, for a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Mega Cab, with the Cummins diesel engine. This deal was a build sheet that I had filled out at Parkers Chrysler, in Penticton, B.C. The truck arrived from the factory in Penticton about the first week of December 2005. Through my salesman at Parkers, I ordered a 2” levelling lift to allow for the bigger tires I had already purchased, as well as a remote starter, and side steps. I was told when I arrived at the dealership that the remote start was the first 2006 install that their shop has done with the 6 speed manual transmission, and it was a chore to say the least. All of these add-ons were added to the total that was financed. I had sent $8000 from the day I ordered the truck in July, to December 23, 2005, which was used to basically get me out of my old one. I then leased, through the Chrysler Financial “Gold Plan”, this roughly $67,000 truck with zero down payments. I also added on the extended warranty onto the payments, as well as a higher kilometer lease plan, bringing the monthly payment to just over $1225 per month. That’s where the fun starts.

With the dealership plate still on the truck, I heard a loud clunking noise from the front end of my truck during a maiden trip to Kelowna to show my mother, who had co-signed the lease. I immediately called Rod at the dealership about the problem. When I brought it back, no problem was found. Maybe 3 more times during the first 15-20,000 km, I heard the noise again, but was 14 hours away from the dealership, and there were no drivability issues, so I ignored the noise.

From this time to September 2008, my truck was in brought into the dealership for multiple issues. These problems varied from a check engine light that came on and left no codes, to my heater not working a total of four different times, over two very cold Fort McMurray winters. The first time the truck was brought in the dealership, for the lack of heat, they cleaned the contacts, the second time they replaced a resistor, third time, a resistor again. The fourth time they were going to replace a resistor again, but I demanded a new heater motor, and got it. Another issue with the truck was what is referred to as a ‘Death Wobble’. The truck shook so violently when I hit a bump, at over 95km/h, which I had to slow to 30-40 km/h to correct. The first time this happened I was passing a slower car at about 120km/h, with my 22ft travel trailer attached. This was a little scary to my 3 year old daughter to say the least. I drove it in to the dealership. No problem found. I had to take the mechanic out with me to verify that there was even a problem. They changed a couple parts, but the only thing that cured the problem was new tires? For the life of the truck I could only run my tires down to about 60%, before the problem would re-occur. Other repeat issues suck as both heated seat elements, wiper motor, TIPM computer, all gauges were lost for two weeks, stereo shorting out, driveshaft problems, 3 sets of ball joints, and an intermittent sunroof problem also occurred.

The real story starts in late August 2008. My truck was experiencing extreme power loss, black smoke pouring out the exhaust, and stalling issues. I waited roughly 2 weeks to get my truck in at the dealership in Fort McMurray. During these two weeks I was denied a rental car, which under the gold lease I should have had, because they had to verify the problem, and couldn’t do so until my appointment date. When they finally looked at it, I was always told that the problem was minor, and I would have the truck back in a day or two, so I didn’t see the hassle in getting a rental car, worth it.

From Sept 2008 to February 2009 they, being Williams Chrysler, gave my truck back to me 4 times I think, never keeping it for more than 2 days, and two times not even 2 km away from the shop, before the same problems happened again. I was even told by a mechanic jokingly to buy a replacement truck for when mine breaks down again. Ya! Big joke for $1225 a month, with no replacement.

One possible reason, Williams Chrysler said, was my aforementioned remote starter. They removed the $1100 unit, at a charge of roughly $1800, blaming the installation, which was done by Parkers Chrysler in Penticton. After ‘fixing’ the install, the problem remained, and I was left with my now $2900 remote starter and a mess of wires in a box, which I still have to this day for evidence, and still no running truck. I called Parkers for a possible reimbursement, and they said that it was not their fault, and the dealership in Fort McMurray should be responsible. I have a letter in writing from Parkers, actually stating that the 18 hour plus job should have taken 3 hours, and that the removal of about twenty wires was not necessary because there aren’t even 20 wires in the whole unit!

About the middle of December, I got a call for the then service advisor at Williams Chrysler, telling me my truck was once again ready, but had been hit and run the night before, but they will fix it. When I went down to see the damage, it was VERY apparent that the truck was not hit and run, but had been somehow been backed out of the bay or stall with the door open. The hinges were damn near pulled out of the cab, and the door was creased, along with the front fender the same way. I have pictures and even a video of this sitting outside the dealer. They then gave me a rental Jeep Cherokee for my Christmas holiday. No rental when I should get one, but one offered to me because of a hit and run that happened off of their property. It seems like they felt bad, finally. After another two weeks the bodywork was done, and I got my truck back and returned the rental. During the repair process, my $1000 aftermarket stereo amplifier, located under the driver’s seat, had a fuse taken out of the side of it. When I replaced the fuse, the thing caught fire. This means a bolt or screw of some kind was put through a power wire somewhere during repair. It was a professional installation that never had any issues whatsoever before the ‘hit and run’. Williams Chrysler maintained that it was a hit and run, and assumed no responsibility for the damage, or the blown amplifier, but paid for the repairs and a rental. After a day, the same original power loss problem was back yet again, and I was again without a vehicle.

Another, yes another time, they gave the truck back to me, it was leaking motor oil and diesel fuel really bad. When I towed it back to them, the mechanics work order starts with something along the lines of the truck being down 8 quarts of oil. That doesn’t sound like that’s good for a motor. Ended up just being loose fittings they said. Loose fittings? It could have been a very bad situation, as the sometimes red hot turbo was covered in both oil and diesel when I noticed about 2 hours after getting the truck back.

After roughly 6 months of replacing almost every part in the fuel system, including 3 fuel pumps, the fuel lines, fuel injectors, and the fuel rails, the problem still remained. Everybody was stumped, and meanwhile I am renting a I ton truck for over $100 a day to run my business and move my equipment. This included a 30’ tri-axle trailer with a $25,000 insulation machine inside, and a 14’ tandem axle dump trailer. Both were essential to my business. Then there was a conference call between a Cummins mechanic, an off- site Dodge mechanic, and the local hands on mechanic. When he removed the injectors for yet another inspection, a small burr was found on one of the NEW injectors. It was filed off and the problem was gone. Between not having my truck for 6 months, and the fact that the current work order on my truck was so large, I just signed the bottom, paid the bill, and hit the road to BC. The same mechanic that joked about buying a replacement truck, said, again smiling, “see ya next week!” when I drove away.

The next day after an overnight stay in Jasper, and a fuel stop in Valemount, B.C., another motorist at the gas station noticed a small puddle of oil under my truck. I could not tell where it was coming from. I checked the oil level, and it was barely down. Being the last leg of the trip, and being downhill as opposed to climbing the pass, I decided to limp it to Parkers Chrysler, as they were anxious to look at the truck after being blamed for the problem by Williams. It made it to roughly Clearwater, B.C. before completely letting go. There was oil all over the windshield, I heard parts hitting underneath the truck. And when the burst of oil hit the turbo, a huge flash flame shot out from under the fender above the tire. I got a ride from a friend who was travelling behind me, and the truck got towed to Parkers in Penticton.

Imagine my surprise when I was told by Parkers that my warranty on my $25000 engine was VOID because of “lack of maintenance”! After multiple hour long sessions on hold with Chrysler Canada, with disappointing results, I was left with no choice other than to buy a used engine for $5000, and pay another $1100 to have it shipped from Edmonton to Penticton. The bill for the install was roughly $6700 from Parkers. The original starter was blown apart from the motor pieces and a remanufactured starter was part of the $7000 bill. I have a letter from Chrysler Canada saying that the official reason for the denial for the warranty claim was “LACK OF MAINTENANCE”. During my compilation of receipts and records to argue my case, I learned my truck was in the shop a whopping 29 times, and about ten more unofficial visits because every time I had to give my truck back for the same problem, it went on the same work order. All in only 110,000km, and all but 2 oil changes were done at Williams Chrysler, in Fort McMurray. Synthetic oil was always used, and all air filters were changed, or not required, as their work orders say!! While examining the last receipt I received prior to the motor blowing, I realized that they had given me my truck back with a part on order, NOT replaced. This part is what was causing the oil leak. My truck was leaking the whole time, and was destined to blow up losing that much oil. I believe that the damage to the motor was done during the multiple confused and desperate attempts to figure out the problem. This being all the black smoke, running time with severe oil and fuel leaks, and the proven overall poor quality of service that my truck received its whole life from Williams Chrysler, and NOT my ignorance to the servicing that is required of a vehicle.

After flying to Penticton, solely to pick up the truck, I negotiated a $4000 payment and a post-dated check for the remaining balance. This was the bill for the installation of the used motor, a new stater and a detail job. After only one week of having my truck back, the starter went. I paid for a rebuild at a local shop. It worked great for another week. Then when it blew again, I again paid another back yard mechanic to rebuild it and give me his opinion. I also cancelled the post-dated check at this time, strictly because I could not afford to honour the check, and keep repairing a problem that should have been covered under the original motor warranty. Still, two wires inside the starter were consistently being burned up. He repaired it again, and blew in another week. I bought a new starter this time, only to have it blow for the same reason about two weeks later this time. Fed up with this problem, I did not shut my truck off at all from December 2nd 2009 to December 23rd 2009. I left it running because I could not ‘bomb start’ it on the snowy roads, and I desperately needed my truck. This amounted to about $50 a day for fuel for the three weeks. At lease end, I dropped the truck at Great West Chrysler in Edmonton, across the street from the dealer that I purchased my new truck. I now have almost 117,000km on my used 2007 Chevy with no more than brake pads being required.

Next, Parkers Chrysler launched a small claims suit against me for the cancelled check. I retained a lawyer in Kelowna, B.C. to assist me. During the Settlement Conference that precedes the actual trial, we negotiated a $1700 payment to clear the debt, in exchange for Jim Tabler’s expert testimony in a lawsuit that we are launching against Williams Chrysler, and Chrysler Canada. We estimate this lawsuit to be worth in excess of $50,000. The Judge at the conference was shocked by the story. Although there was nothing that could be done at the time for the bigger situation, she strongly recommended this letter be written.

Chrysler Financial is now threatening to sue me for roughly $7000 for final lease charges on this truck. The truck has a red flag on the motor for any warranty because of the whole problem, and I believe that is why the depreciation occurred. I did use the truck when I had it, which I calculated at just over two years of the four year lease. The other time was all spent in the shop. Remember, I was paying $1225 per month. They are now hiring collection agencies to harass me. One is even posing as a law office, which my lawyer saw right through. They are threatening me with judicial orders and even my mother’s credit rating, as she co-signed for this lemon in question.

Then after two years to the day of the motor blowing I started this campaign to warn people about the financial dangers of dealing with them. This included here on kijiji, mymcmurray.com, and about 7500 and counting "consumer alert" flyers. Billboards on the side of my 20 foot ex purolator truck are in the making, and I also have bumper stickers that read "Boycott Williams Chrysler!"

Then I received not one, but two DEATH THREATS!! The people responsible were nice enough to leave a voicemail, so it can be traced. thanks!

I have started a Facebook page:


Compiled on this page are 20 (!!!), and counting, stories from people that I don't even know and have never met! These stories include damage to customer vehicles, possible theft from customer vehicles, proven attempts to bilk money from customers who have no where else to bring their Chrysler vehicle, and just overall ignorance and or negligence to customer concerns. This is how Williams Chrysler Dodge Jeep scored a current BBB rating of F!!!

Everytime I post on here I am deleted by 11:00 the next morning...and have to make a new hotmail, and kijiji account to be able to warn the public. So please print this ad, and post it in your office, or wherever you think any potential customers may be!! Don't let this dealership scam us hardworking folks any longer.

I can assure everybody that I have ALL DOCUMENTATION to prove my story! Belinda Stronek, service manager, has been telling people that I have no records to prove my case. That's kind of funny to me because Belinda's name is listed on almost every Williams invoice I have!

They are also using my "consumer alert" flyers as $500 off coupons to sell vehicles!! Anybody who brings one in gets $500 off, lol!! Would you want almost 50k in bills and damage, for a savings of $500? Anybody who answered yes, call me please at 780-880-7824. I will buy you lunch and talk about all the money you will save by buying elsewhere! I promise you it will be an hour very well spent!

Please join my Facebook page and read the discussion boards on the top left hand side of the page. You will be in awe, I promise!!

What I have noticed about this whole situation is this. People in Fort Mac have ALOT to say about Williams Chrysler, they just needed a place to get their story heard. So I provided that place via Facebook!

Please share any story you have about their poor way of running a business. I am a business owner myself, and wouldn't expect to have a business, if I treated any customers like they have been, let alone as many as they have over the years!! Oldest story on the fb site goes back to the 1990's!!

And to Williams Chrysler:

You can silence maybe one or two of us at a time. Make us pay your unexplained bills, and we will just go home an complain to our other half. But...
with all of the stories that are coming out daily, and the hundreds more I promise you I will find... you can't deny the truth any longer my friends!!


07.5, 6.7L
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They have been like 4 other people post this tonight. Lol it's pretty said if you ask me, I would of set fire to the truck a long time ago if I was him.

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All dealerships are the same. Once they have you're money, they don't give a sh*t. You have to fight with them for everything and any concerns or sounds you hear always come back diagnosed as cannot replicate. Granted, some dealerships are a lot better than others when it comes to customer service and take care of you pretty good. I guess, buyer beware...
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Wow ! Crazy !

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Let's hear it for overpriced parts changers who couldn't diagnose morning constipation if they were inflicted with it!

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I thought I had issue with my truck.

Holy cow man!!!!!!

If I had those issues that truck would had found a steep cliff to fall off of quick.


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jeepers creepers
lordy lordy
jeez luise
ay caramaba
bonkers shmonkers

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WOW i woulda dumped the truck a long time ago. Honestly seeing this story ive never even seen a 6.0 powerstroke have this many issues. We have buses that come in all the time but they idle alot only change oil every 25,000 miles and are beat to death but one could expect that. They are also commercial vehicles too. I feel for this guy. I bet he buys a ford next.lol

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Stupid move 1: leasing it.
Stupid move 2: leveling a leased truck.
Stupid move 3: modifying a leased truck (remote start, stereo).
Stupid move 4: >$1000 /mo payment
Stupid move 5: going back to the same dealer that keep screwing him over.
Stupid move 6: not hiring a lawyer when the warrenty was denied.

The list can go on and on. He brought a lot of that crap upon him self, im having a hard time feeling bad for him.

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Originally Posted by johndeerrm View Post
Stupid move 1: leasing it.
Stupid move 2: leveling a leased truck.
Stupid move 3: modifying a leased truck (remote start, stereo).
Stupid move 4: >$1000 /mo payment
Stupid move 5: going back to the same dealer that keep screwing him over.
Stupid move 6: not hiring a lawyer when the warrenty was denied.

The list can go on and on. He brought a lot of that crap upon him self, im having a hard time feeling bad for him.
How ca you say he bought it on him self, and why would you say move 1 -4 are stupid. most people who use there vechile for work do lease them, a leving don't hurt any thing, remote start in -30C weather is a must and $1000 a month plus paymants are what a truck like this costs. I know there dealer he is refering to, the reason he probably kept going back there is because the next nearest dealer is 500km away and if your truck is not running its not very convenient to get you vechile towed there. I had lots of issues at the same dealer and if you join his facebook page you'll see he has lots of followers who have posted ther misfortunes at this dealer, it was actually nice to see someone go ahead and fight the dealer against ty service and being screwed around. They have been getting away with it for years and when you pay $190/hr shop rate you are expecting to got quality service on your vechile.

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I've had a few issues with my bone stock truck and have not been denied warranty for anything, even though in at least one case they could have easily said "no".

Enough said!

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I would have driven the truck THROUGH the dealership doors, Backed out and did it again. Then I would have shoved the keys up the service managers, you know what, walked across the street and bought a d-max or Powerstroke. But then again, I have a VERY short fuse, when it comes to my temper.!! Just my $.02!!!! Hope you get a new ride out of this STUPID DEAL.

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