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As you have already figured out, Cummins Forum is an elite group of Dodge Diesel truck owners that love their vehicles and love to talk about them. Registering for membership on Cummins Forum is absolutely FREE. However, for $25 a year, $2.08 a month, $0.07 a day, you can help support this site and get access to many features that are locked to regular membership. Click Here to sign up for Premium Membership

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  • Garage Pictures - Ability to upload up to 10000KB of pictures and images into the Cummins Forum Garage.
  • Bigger Signature - Ability to put an image, more lines, characters into your signature.
  • Custom Titles - Change the title under your username anytime
  • 500 Private Messages - Can also send up to 5 PM's at a time.
  • LESS ADS! - Thats right, when you sign up for Premium Membership, all of the Google Ads in the forum itself go away.
  • Special Title - Get a "CF Premium Member" title right under your username. Really spices up your profile and lets others know that you support your forum.

Dont forget, by going Premium, you are helping to keep the best Dodge Diesel forum alive. We could not do what we do without the loyal support of our Sponsors and Members. Thank you!

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