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By Boss Hog | 09/22/2006
By Andy Isaacson | 11/4/2006
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» Auto to Manual conversion notes
By Chris Foogle | Published 04/3/2007 | Performance Upgrades | Unrated
Okay so I finished the conversion about 4 months ago, so I figured give anyone looking to do this swap a little info on everything I encountered and what i did along the way. These notes should pretty well cover everything from 94-97, beyond that there may be subtle differences I do not know about. So here goes...
» Pre-turbo water meth
By Chris Foogle | Published 04/3/2007 | General Diesel Articles | Rating:
Here's the deal.....the compounds are only days from going in, but I wanted to try chemical intercooling before I went to the extreme of plumbing in another air to air.
Recent Articles
» Andy Isaacsons Project Truck
By Andy Isaacson | Published 05/3/2007 | Project Trucks | Unrated
Here is a Summary of all the things that I have done with my 2002 Dodge 2500 4WD Truck
» Air Intake Heater Cycles
By Stan Pacool | Published 04/7/2007 | 1st Gen 12V Articles | Unrated
Here is the cycle time for the heaters from the Dodge manual.-

Above 59 degrees F does not activate
18 degrees F to 59 degrees F Cycles for 10 seconds
1 degree F to 18 degree F Cycles for 15 seconds
-15 degres F to 0 degrees F Cycles for 17.5 seconds
below -15 degrees F Cycles for 20 seconds


Above 59 degrees F No
18 degrees F to 59 degrees F Yes
1 degree F to 18 degrees F Yes
-15 degrees F to 0 degrees F Yes
Below -15 degrees F Yes

I cannot find how long the post heat cycles are.
» Part Numbers for Piston Pump Conversion
By Stan Pacool | Published 04/7/2007 | Performance Upgrades | Unrated
The following are the parts needed to make the conversion from the diaphram lift pump to a piston lift pump.

Part numbers are Cummins numbers

Pump - 3036320
1 fuel tube from pump to fuel filter -3914753
2 gaskets - 3939258
2 sealing washers for banjo bolt at filter - 3963983
1 spacer to move pump out 1/4" - 3914284
2 new pump mounting screws - 3900631

I got all my stuff from Ponci Diesel - Thanks Ponci!
» Custom GDP Lift pump install
By Red triton | Published 04/7/2007 | Performance Upgrades | Unrated
This may not be the most technical write up and I'm no expert but, I figured I'd give it a try. It might hep someone :-)
» Does your truck handle poorly ? GDP Ladder bars installed
By Red triton | Published 04/7/2007 | Suspension | Unrated
The day I drove my truck home from the dealer, I noticed a need for a better suspension set up. I live where roads do nothing but snake through the mountains, many switch back and a lot of hard 90 degree turns.
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