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Profanity on the site and respect for your fellow user.
Jun 11, 2014 - 3:18 PM - by THE STIG
Folks, it's become painfully obvious that we have some issues with posts on here, and we have decided that it's time to wrangle in the monster in an effort to improve the forum experience for ALL members.

Here are some areas that we will be cracking down on more:

*Profanity. Profanity simply isn't going to be acceptable, and that includes using alternate characters in place of letters. An "A" followed by two "z's" is the same as an "A" followed by two "s's". One of my sticking points is the term douche or dbag; no more. If you have to use alternative characters to get around the word filter, do not post it.

*"Dog-piling" or a "mob mentality". I see it all the time, a person posts a question or asks for input, and pretty soon one member slams them and before we know it, we have four or five guys jumping on. No more.

*Respect. We all need to make an effort when conversing with folks, to be as respectful as possible. Treat others like their input is gold; you don't have to like an idea but be respectful. It's possible to have a discussion with opposing views and still being friendly and respectful. Childish antics and fits and personal shots/attacks are not acceptable, this isn't Congress. Treat others with the utmost respect and you'll get it in return.

*Baiting. I don't go a day without seeing multiple posts designed to instigate and argument, or crafted in a way to provoke another members response. No more.

Basically folks, if you can't treat others with respect, and keep the language down, and follow the very rules that YOU agreed to when you signed up for this forum, you don't need to be here. We're all grown men, it's time we act like it. I expect the longer term members to act as a positive example for the newer guys.

This is going to be a long process, and I expect many won't like the vacations they receive. Consider this your warning folks, we will be swift in dealing with issues and won't be lenient in our disciplinary measures. Please, everyone, before you post a message, read over it again. Ask yourself "will this instigate an argument?" or "is the language acceptable?" If not, change it before you hit submit.

If you see a problem, report the post. It's fast and anonymous (see photo below). We are here to help YOU but we obviously can not scan every single post on the forum. Help us help you have a better forum experience.
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Past ROTM winners
Apr 20, 2010 - 12:39 PM - by JWH_03_Dodge
We thought we'd start recognizing some of our past ROTM winners. Congrats to all

December -
November -
October -
September -
August -
July - DieselDon16
June - Travis A.
May - No contest
April - No contest
March - JMD025
February - firstgenbomber
January - No contest

December - Twin_thing
November - No contest
September - VillaStyle
August - Beerplay
July - ironcity85
June - canceled
May - canceled
April - get vert
March - double diesel
February - FerkAK
January - canceled

December - Ruthless
November - why try gino
October - botis
September - lostnwalmart
August - bill-dc-1
July - 98whitelightnin
May - Cstalnaker
April - cumminsprincess
March - Gasoline Sucks
February - prerunr59
January - Taquache

December - rjp
November - mjd91
October - jmb87
September - Cummins_stalker
July - Cancelled
June - Cancelled
May - Dudgy
April - HoytArchery7
March - Double Diesel
February - Cancelled
January - Devon E

December - SCHOOLBUS
November - twhetten
October - Blackoutdp
September - BBRam
August - transamz9
July - kmkdiesel
June - jhellemn
May - Taquache
April - Giddyup5.9
March - strtlegal
February - CumminsDirtyGirl
January - Side2000

December - Brentc
November - Khaoskustoms
October - twhetten
September - getblown5.9
August - Triton
July - BBRam
June - IC-Smoke
May - RedRum
April - Roachie
March - 95CTD
February - SmokinTheHippies
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Rules for ROTM
May 26, 2009 - 5:32 PM - by TVtruck
Around the end of the month, an announcement will be made describing the ROTM theme for that month and an entry thread will be posted. Members will have a period of time to get their entry pic posted before the entrys fill up ( 1 pic per member please). Once the entry is full, the thread will be closed and the staff and sponsors will choose which entrys made it into the contest. All Members, Vendors, Sponsors, Supporters, Techies, Supermods, Mods are allowed to enter.

- Once you submit a photo, please do not delete it. you may edit with a new photo.

- All entries must be a Dodge Cummins.

- You must be the owner of the entry you send in. No pics of a buddy's truck to get in the contest. In the case of a work truck theme where you may need to post a pic of a truck that you drive DAILY, work on DAILY, etc, the announcement will be made when the contest is announced.

- No pictures that have been altered by ( photoshop, paint, any editing software ) will be accepted, you may blank out your license plate if you wish.

- Campaigning through the forum(threads) is prohibited , however link's to the ROTM contest in sig's are permitted.

- Please do not ask people to create an account just to have them vote for your truck. If you get a friend to join CF, and they actively use the forum that is fine, but vote padding will not be tolerated.

- After the entry period, entrants will be randomly drawn and entered into the voting polls for the contest.
The staff may allow any number of contestants.

- No member shall be eligible for entry for 1 calender year after they win ROTM

- Any member that wins a ROTM contest must STILL be a member in good standing at the conclusion of the contest. If not, the runner up entry will win first prize.

- All members.... supporters, mods, techies, vendors...ETC ARE eligible to win ROTM.

- The prize for winning ROTM is chosen by the vendor/sponsor of that month.

- In the case of a Tie, the member with the earlier join date will win. If there is the same join date.....then the member with the most posts at the time of the close of the poll will win.

- Should a situation arise that cant be resolved by these rules, the ROTM managers , along with Mods and Admins will work out the details.

-Rules are subject to change.

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